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Which are the reputed colleges in United Kingdom?

The United Kingdom is second only to the much larger United States when it comes to the no. of international students enrolling in their universities every year. This fact is hardly surprising, considering the formidable reputation enjoyed by some of the Universities in the United Kingdom. Universities such as Oxford, Cambridge, London Business School and London School of Economics are highly revered in the academic world. Some of the most brilliant minds the world has seen in a number of major academic streams have graduated from these universities. UK Universities’ global recognition and contributions to the academic world are unquestionable.

Universities in the UK offer the entire spectrum of under-graduate, graduate and PhD courses to their students. Those looking to study niche fields like Criminology or Dance and other arts too can find several prominent universities offering these courses. The academic year in the UK generally begins in the month of September and concludes at the beginning of the summer. The lectures are conducted during weekdays and are structured in a manner that would allow the students to comfortably finish their coursework. The Universities generally adopt the Oxford method of teaching and follow collaborative learning principles; the lectures generally involve a high degree of in-class interactions and group discussions. Thus these courses go beyond teaching its students the basis of the subjects, it helps them become better professionals, managers and individuals.
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The UK has been a popular destination for Indian students since before India’s independence. In particular, the Universities in the major cities of London, Leeds, Birmingham, Manchester and Cardiff see a significant amount of Indian students entering its doors every year. In comparison to studying in the USA, studying in the UK is a much lighter alternative on the pocket. The tuition’s fees for both under-graduate and graduate courses are significantly lower than those in the United States. While the cost of living in the major cities like London are considerably high, the plenty of part-time work opportunities available would allow students to bridge the financial gap. Students are legally permitted by the British embassy to work up to 20 hours a week.On the accommodation front, first-year under-graduate students are generally encouraged to stay on the campus. However, for those who wish to stay in a private accommodations, the universities have accommodation teams who will be able to assist.

While the job market in the UK has taken a hit in recent times, things currently seems to be on the upward curve. Most universities have published in 2015-16, that more than 80% of their graduates have been successful in finding employment within three months of graduation. Graduating students will be given a few months’ time from the date of graduation to find employment with a work-permit. For the ones who are able to find work opportunities, the UK is the ideal location to build one’s career. Home to numerous global headquarters, the country is the base of operations for some of the major leading banks and consulting firms. Being one of the major global hubs for business and finance, the UK allows the students to get a taste of the intricacies of the real business world.

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