ACT Coaching Classes in Mumbai

  • ACT coaching classes in Mumbai
  • What is ACT?

    US universities / colleges accept SAT or ACT scores for admission to undergraduate courses.

    ACT is a national college admission examination that consists of subject area tests in English, Mathematics, Reading and Science. Writing section is optional in ACT. ACT results are accepted by four year colleges and universities in USA.

    ACT is a 215 question test lasting for about 175 minutes ( 30 minutes extra for Writing) and for international students is held five times during a year on specified dates. The test dates for up to two years are given on their website.

  • ACT Coaching Classes in Mumbai

    Principal difference between SAT and ACT is that ACT is an achievement test ( testing what you have learnt in high school years) whereas SAT is more of an aptitude test. Unlike SAT, ACT is an online test .

    It is recommended that like SAT, ACT too needs to be taken during Class XI.

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