SAT Coaching Classes in Mumbai

SAT is the global entrance exam for the Under-graduate studies abroad. For any student who aspires to study abroad, SAT is an exam which is important and inevitable. The universities will give considerable weightage to the SAT score in the selection process.

Ruchira Goel

The best thing about classes here is that it’s very personal

I took classes here with Saraswati ma’am for the new SAT, and was able to get a score of 1530 under her guidance. The best thing about classes here is that it’s very personal. The batch sizes are small, and Saraswati ma’am makes sure to focus on where you need help, adjusting your preparation to your personal strengths and weaknesses. This I feel sets it apart from other SAT or ACT classes.

While it is optional for some Universities in the UKAustralia and Singapore, it is compulsory for the Universities in the USA and the best universities in the UK, Australia and Singapore. Even in India, many universities have started accepting SAT scores.

PSAT and SAT Coaching Classes in Mumbai

About the New SAT Test 2016

The new SAT test is for a total of 1600 marks- 2 sections of math for 800 marks, 1 section of Evidence-based Reading and 1 section of Writing (grammar based), together for 800 marks. The math in the new Sat is relatively denser and focuses on many areas in heart of Algebra such as Functions and transformations, and there are two sections, one calculator and one non calculator section.

Aishwarya Shivkumar

Extremely well planned approach to teaching

Extremely well planned approach to teaching as well as lending a hand with applications. Would highly recommend CP to anyone looking for a smooth and timely application process.

The SAT exams  four times a year for the Indian students. The SAT scores are valid for two years. Sat happens in March, May, October and December in India. Since the pandemic started in 2020 , additionally the SAT happens in August too.

SAT Classes in Mumbai


How to prepare for SAT?

Given the number of topics in math and the focus on grammar and Reading long passages, the students have to prepare systematically, topic by topic and also do timed practice. Hence SAT warrants a sustained preparation and a sincere practice. At Clear Perceptions, we focus not only on the concepts but also on sectional tests and a series of 10 full length papers to fine-tune the children for the SAT. This is a must, as the papers are very long and the test series helps them get used to that level of physical and mental stress.

Freya Savla

SAT classes at Clear Perceptions Mumbai

I did my SAT preparations at Clear Perceptions with Mrs Saraswathi. Despite the long travel distance for me, it’s something I’m glad I did. The class sizes were small, and she personally helped each student in his/ her area of difficulty. She took a series of SAT practice tests in the last month which not only helped me adjust to the pattern of writing the test, but also built my confidence. I would recommend this class to anyone who’s thinking about joining.

SAT Classes in Mumbai

What is PSAT?

PSAT is yet another test conducted by the College Board. Preliminary SAT is to be taken through the school and a student will be able to register on his own. This test is a miniature version of the SAT and is for a total of 1520 marks for the same topics as in SAT. Generally, students from Standard VIII to Standard X take up PSAT. Taking PSAT helps the students get a feedback on their strengths and weaknesses on skills

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