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Over the years, Canada has established itself as one of the favourite destinations on the wish-lists of students from India looking to study overseas. Sharing a border with the United States, Canada has been growing consistently and is today one of the major economies of world. The Canadian cities of Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal have established themselves as major financial and business centres and boasts of a growing portfolio of global/regional headquarters of major companies. Canada is proudly international, which is reinforced by the fact that a large percentage of Canada’s population are expatriates. Other than being a financial and a business hub, the Canadian cities are also art and entertainment centres, and a melting pot of global cultures. Furthermore, the picturesque natural landscapes, spectacular mountain peaks and dense forests offer the perfect escapade from the hustle-bustle of the city-life.

University of TorontoThe country offers students the ideal environment to learn and grow simultaneously. The huge Indian community in the country, makes Canada the perfect amalgamation of ‘west meets east’ and offers Indian students a homely and friendly study destination beyond India’s shores. Canada has some of the top universities in the world that are ranked in the top 100 of the Financial times, Economic times and QS rankings, with University of Toronto, University of British Columbia and McGill university leading the pack. The qualifications issued by these universities are amongst the most globally recognised and sought-after by major corporations.


All the Universities in Canada offer a complete spectrum of courses covering technology and sciences, business studies, social sciences, arts, humanities and medicine. Under-graduate as well as post-graduate study options through both thesis-based and regular pathways are available, that allow the students to delve deeper into their subject of interest. Universities in Canada, with the exception of a few, require the student to have completed 16 years of education to be eligible for the post-graduate program. For those eligible, both part-time as well as full-time study options are available.

The low cost of living, affordable rent and one of the lowest crimes rates in the world, make Canada an affordable and safe option for Indian students. The universities have cultural and other student groups which allow the students to interact with fellow students from similar or different cultural backgrounds. Studying in Canada can be considered a life experience rather than an educational one.

o-MCGILL-UNIVERSITYOn the career front, the students would benefit from being in one of the centres of global business operations. Career opportunities are abundant with many universities reporting that most of their students find jobs within three months of completing their study. Since the Canadian economy is growing very rapidly, there are several opportunities in the market, both part-time and full-time which will allow the students to effectively utilise their educational expertise. Finally and most importantly, the immigrant friendly laws afford students the opportunity to settle down in the country and establish their careers, offering the perfect launch-pad for their future.

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