MBA Counselling Process in Mumbai

Possessing an MBA degree has become a pre-requisite for successand growth in career in the modern business world. Human Resource professionals across the globe try to recruit the best MBA candidates as they tend to possess the ideal maturity, knowledge and business thought- processes. There comes a stage in every one’s career, when he/she decides it is the time to pursue an MBA degree. The abundance of university choices and complex admission procedures often intimidate the MBA aspirants. At this juncture, the students tend to seek advice from qualified and experienced educational counselors, such as those at Clear Perceptions.

Our counselling services are delivered in a structured and phased manner, to provide the best possible service to our clients. Listed below is a brief outline of the stages a client is generally guided through:

Goal Definition.

MBA Counsellors in Mumbai

Doing an MBA is a big decision. Hence it is essential for a student to define his or her expectations from an MBA degree in order to have a clear idea of the path he/she wants to take. Every individual has a different reason for pursing an MBA degree. Some want to pursue it to further their career growth in their current organization while others to obtain business knowledge to fulfil their entrepreneurial dreams. There is an MBA program for every distinct candidate- and we help you find the perfect fit. In the initial sessions with our counsellors, we try to understand the candidate’s requirements from an MBA program and accordingly advise the ideal path (GMAT/GRE, country, program duration, pathway, full-time/part-time, EMBA, etc.)

MBA College Selection and Application

Once we understand the candidate’s requirements and educational background, our research team works to generate an accurate preliminary list of colleges that fit his/her profile. The preliminary list is generated taking into account several factors such as specific program/country requirements, time and financial considerations, program entry requirements, acceptance statistics, future opportunities and the value of the program.

Then in the next stage, our counsellors work with the candidate to trim down the preliminary list of colleges to obtain the final college selections. Here, we encourage the candidates to do some individual research so that they have a better idea of the colleges and programs. Post obtaining the final list, we begin the application process. Different colleges have different deadlines and application requirements – it is essential that everything is completed in an orderly and timely manner so as to avoid missing deadlines. Our counsellors and research teams create a work-chart in order to complete all the college applications comfortably within the deadline dates.

The college application process is often daunting, elaborate and requires a significant amount of documentation. We have specific individuals who will work with the candidate to complete his/her applications. The candidate’s application has to be as perfect as possible in order for them to successfully obtain admission and we ensure that!

MBA Resume and Application Essays.

In the application stage, every college requires students to upload a resume in their prescribed format and answer unique essay questions. The resume and essays play a significant role in the admission. Admissions teams are likely to look at the student’s resume first, hence it is important that the candidate’s resume reflects his/her best qualifications and work experiences in a concise manner. The essays are designed to enable the admission directors to understand the candidates’ thought processes and helps them to qualitatively evaluate their profiles. There are several cases where students with a high GMAT score have been unable to secure admission due to poor essays. Moreover, students find it difficult to write a high number of quality essays. The number of essays that have to be written when applying to more than three college maybe more than 10.

Our counsellors are experienced writers, who will guide the candidates to generate the best essays that reflect their individual thought process, life experiences and ambitions. It’s important to show focus and drive to let the school know that you fit into their desired student profile, you are passionate about your career and that you are eager to make a positive difference to society.


Recommendations can make or break an application.  Obtaining recommendation letters from your superiors/professors is often an elaborate task. We help candidates identify the ideal individuals whose recommendations will have a positive effect on their applications. Admission teams look for strong and positive recommendations that will help them understand the value and professional stature of the applying student.

Post Application Stage.

Once the application has be sent,it takes colleges about 4 to 8 working weeks to get back with the status of the application. Due to our precise college screening process and dedicated application process, we boast of a high rate of acceptance. Once the college has confirmed the acceptance of the application, the students are required to submit further financial and other


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