06 Apr

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What is the Importance of GRE?

Usually GRE scores are important but as said more important if you score low than high. Few places

do not consider applications with low GREs scores. For physical sciences and math, GRE scores below

700 or even 750 will be considered low.

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Some People assign importance to GPA, others personal statements more than GRE, some don’t.

Every admissions team is going to place different emphasis on GRE scores based on how accurately

they believe the GRE predict intellectual potential. Not even a 170 on the verbal GRE or a 6.0 on the

Analytical Writing can compensate for a ordinary writing sample or a boring personal statement.

One piece of advice , try to do your best on the GRE, but keep a practical goal in mind, and if you

don’t reach it, don’t fling your applications in the junk just yet.

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GRE scores is the least important part of your application put together. They are not important but

that they are much not as much of important than research experience, your letters of

recommendation, your research fit/statement of purpose, and your grades.

High GRE scores will not get you into a top program, but low ones will keep you out.Top math,

economics, and engineering programs generally want to see you score Around 800 on the

quantitative portion. Life sciences program expect you to get over 700 on the quantitative portion.


Programs outside the top 25, the score minimums are generally lower.


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