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What does an MBA do for your career?

After completing undergraduate studies, many students find themselves at a crossroads. There are so many different paths to take, regardless of their career path. Do they go out into the world and work? Do they travel? Do they get graduate degrees? Is there some combination of these options that they can pursue?

In a nutshell, the answer is yes. But no matter where you are in life — a soon to be graduating senior, someone who has just gone out into the world to work, or even someone who has been out in the field working for years — you can always return to graduate school.

And no matter what career path you are on or want to go down, an MBA degree is flexible enough that it can give your career a boost. Read on to learn exactly how an MBA could revitalize or improve your career!

Flexibility of Application

You might be thinking that an MBA could not possibly help you if you are not or were not a business major but that is not true! An MBA can be useful to people in all career fields. We all need to make money and part of getting your MBA is learning the best little tricks of the trade to help you do that.

You yourself are a business, from how you present yourself and whatever work you do, and an MBA can help you learn to harness your full potential in a way that can make you much more successful. It teaches you how to sell yourself and even how to create yourself as a brand.

Are you a painter? You have got to sell paintings to get by. Are you an actor? You need to be able to land and book jobs. Are you a tutor? You need to find clients and manage them effectively. Everything you do is a business and every meeting a business transaction. An MBA can help you dig down deep and understand the full implications of your actions and help you figure out the most effective course to make yourself successful no matter what your business is.

Higher Salary

Another benefit of having an MBA is that it can help you land a higher paying job to begin with. You have gone to school and slaved away for a couple years to learn all this helpful business acumen. So when you go back into the work force you need to make sure that the company who hires you is paying for all that expertise that you worked so hard to get!

And a lot of companies will pay you a higher salary, hoping to entice you and all that business savvy to get on board and apply it towards their business. You learned a lot in business school so do not underplay your knowledge or your potential value to a company. You can help to make a business even bigger, better and stronger. The least the company could do is pay you accordingly.

Better Opportunities

Getting an MBA can help you with getting more than just a pay raise — it can also help you to get a better position to start with! Now you have professional experience so you do not necessarily have to start with an entry level job. Having that degree can help to make up for some missing experience (though of course not all).

It will make it easier so that you do not have to claw your way to the top from the bottom of the heap. You will probably still need to do some climbing if you want to get all the way to the top, but it will make your entry into the business and the industry a lot easier.

Speak with Authority

An MBA is also very effective, no matter what field you are in, because it helps you to speak with authority on business matters that you might otherwise have been clueless about. And let me tell you, a lot of people with no business background can be clueless about those kinds of things.

Lots of people want to open their own businesses but they often do not know where to start, the things they need to do, nor do they understand or recognize the terms being thrown at them or understand why they are being directed to do something. But hey, you went to graduate school. You learned all about all those things. You will know just where to start and how to articulate yourself in these situations whether you are opening your business, helping someone else start their own, or advising a business that wants to improve.

This article was published on the GMATClub forum by Danielle Wirsansky on Oct 18, 2016.

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