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How to Choose between Taking SAT or ACT? What is the Difference?

With changes in SAT effective May 2016 in India, when the first batch of applicants will write the New SAT, we find that there is a lot of confusion whether to take the New SAT or the ACT.

Hitherto, Indian students seeking to study in USA preferred to take SAT. But with the changes introduced by College Board, we find that many students are anxious about the difficulty levels in the New SAT and prefer to take the time-tested ACT.

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What is the Difference SAT and ACT?

This is a decision bothering many prospective undergrad students seeking to study in USA

Our study at Clear Perception indicates that while the difficulty level in New SAT, especially in the Math section is slightly higher, test takers find the ACT paper longer. For a student who finds Math a challenge, New SAT will be tougher as compared to ACT. However, the ACT paper has more number of questions to be answered in roughly the same time as the New SAT.

Besides, ACT has a science section. However, this need not necessarily deter the students who have dropped these subjects in their high school (class 11 and 12) as the science section has passages and tabular information or graphs from science. The questions are based on these passages. Thus, if the test taker is familiar with the terminology used (most of them would be as science subjects are mandatory in secondary school (up to class 10) the science section need not be scary.

However, at Clear Perceptions we have a scientific way of determining your preference. We administer a small test (aptitude test) which helps you discover your liking and ability for either SAT or ACT.

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