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What is GRE?

Brief Background
GRE is a global entrance exam for a Master’s Degree in USA & many other countries. Those students planning to study post-graduation abroad, need to have their GRE scores for application to various colleges. Thus GRE score is a gateway to a post graduate programme abroad. Students from various backgrounds and different countries take GRE, as it provides a common measure for comparing their qualifications.

After teaching topics from fundamentals, complete revision of all topics is done from another book, followed by paper-based full-length tests. Lastly, computer adaptive tests are given.

The GRE average at Clear Perceptions is around 320.

GRE Coaching Institute in Mumbai

When to give GRE ?

GRE classes in mumbai

Generally GRE is ideally to be taken during the 2nd or 3rd year of Engineering Study as the students have to put in their applications in their final year in October or by December to be eligible for admission to the Fall term of the following year.
A word on preparation.
GRE is challenging. The English paper is relatively tougher than the Maths paper. English is dense because GRE English is predominantly vocabulary- based and students have to master many tough words. Though Math is manageable, it is the balancing factor especially for engineering students who may find it relatively easy.
Thus, to be able to take up the GRE, preparation for GRE would have to be started at least 3 months in advance of the test date decided by the aspirant. A sustained vocabulary preparation is essential. The preparation would require time management, stress management, and taking up the computer-adaptive test in actual test environment by solving full length papers.

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